Launch Day!

Welcome to Peach Garden Games!

Today is our official Launch Day. We have two (and a half) Sword of Symphonies episodes up. I cannot tell you enough how gorgeous this show has turned out, thanks to my beautiful friends and their charisma and hard work. I hope it makes you even just a sliver as happy as it makes me, because I’m thrilled about it. Thrilled to bits. Tiny bits. (and, I cannot overstate, NOT TERRIFIED.)

We also have two RPGs up right now! All That I Am, which could best be described as Doctor Faustus The Roleplaying Game is a storygame about selling your soul to demons. It’s on Drivethru right now on a pay-what-you-want basis, and might be the loveliest book interior I’ve ever done! Check it out if you’re as big an occult nerd as I am!

We also have Heroic Chord, the game that forms the backbone of Sword of Symphonies. It’s still in testing. That’s right, Sword of Symphonies isn’t just an actual play podcast -it’s an actual playTEST podcast. If you want to play along, give the game a spin, or just learn the rules behind the story, then download the manual for free! It’s an optimistic adventure about bringing hope back to a destroyed world, and I’m not only pleased with what I’ve done so far but excited to see where it goes.

Last but not least, contact us! It’s a playtest after all. Tell us your stories, or tell us if our story touched you in any way. Part of this test is seeing if this game can tell the kinds of stories that lifted my spirits when I needed them.