Kersten, as Penelope

Penelope is a force of nature to be reckoned with; an impulsive decision maker who despises planning. Once an idea has entered her mind nothing can stand in her way, no matter how ill-advised her whims might be. Her cloud elk, Pollyanna is the mature level headed one of the duo. It is Penelope's bond with animals that brings out her caring side, and it was her search for a cure that lead her on her journey to become a ranger

Kersten is also largely a creature of impulse driven by whims, mostly food related. Lover of campy movies and even campier outfits, she can usually be found lounging, browsing YouTube for cat videos in vibrantly patterned leggings and mismatched socks. Oh, and there most definitely is a bowl of popcorn big enough to swim in beside her.

Nick, as Cobb

Cobb is a carefree vagrant with a coin purse that's never as full as he'd like it to be. He'd prefer to be back at sea with his old crew, but sadly the life of a pirate doesn't always end as idealistically as it had for Cobb. Getting all bent out of shape, though, doesn't do your crew's memory any good, and one day Cobb will figure out what to finally do with his old Captain's blade.

Nick is a lot like Cobb save the carefree part. Well and the whole being a pirate part. Most of Nick's free time is spent complaining about wrestling or playing video games about robots, but he does take special pride in disappointing people who bet on his timeliness.

Kathleen, as Tissa

Aesthetic fever dream Tissa is on a journey to immerse herself in the beauty, danger, and magic of Amylte. If there’s a song, a story, or even just a cool rock, she’ll be there. A wanderer by calling and by choice, Tissa found herself caught up in this particular tale by happenstance, just like she always has, and will see it though as far as she can, just like she always has. She’s certainly not prepared to step out of her role as a spectator and onto history's stage, but what's to stop her?

Kathleen has very many opinions about sounds, and is perpetually dissatisfied with her ability to self-promote. She has recently composed for some some independent documentaries, and played with some bands, but probably not ones you’ve heard of. Inquire about her many skills, including audio production, music composition, and wedding officiation at

Cat, as Everyone Else

Cat is an author and editor living in Edmonton. She’s had short fiction published here and there (the most recent “there” being Tesseracts 22), and has worked as an editor at On Spec magazine, in addition to co-editing The Dame Was Trouble. She worked with her friends on a game company called Cabal Games, back in the day, one of those real starry-eyed passion projects. This is also one of those projects. You can hear her as the GM in Sword of Symphonies, and she also stars as Only Rachel and the demon Jezebel in Truth Hidden Among Hearts.

Cat made Heroic Chord, and she really hopes you give it a try, and that it makes you smile.