Ambition and Gratitude

The name Peach Garden Games evokes the legendary Peach Garden Oath. It represents a powerful ambition unbound by circumstance, but it also represents something more: gratitude.

We’re Peach Garden Games because we couldn’t do it alone. Game designers need testers, GMs need players, players need each other. From beginning to end, a good roleplaying game is a team effort supported by countless people.

Come see the results of our teamwork.

Welcome to Amylte, a world that could have ended a hundred years ago. People survived that, and now are beginning to reclaim a world that no longer belongs entirely to them. With the help of Rangers, the chosen ones of the mineral gods known as Deiliths, humanity is going to have to pull together in order to rebuild itself.

Heroic Chord is a work in progress, currently in its alpha phase. You can listen in on our playtest campaign in the podcast Sword of Symphonies.

Sword of Symphonies:

Heroic Chord

Have you ever said “I’d do anything”? Did you really mean it?

All That I Am is a horror game about what it means to sell your soul, about the horrible debt people accrue when pushed to the absolute depths of human desire. Play as a Debtor, bound to a powerful demon, helpless but more powerful than you’ve ever been in your life. Your newfound power allows you to Force Fate, to take control of the world around you, but slowly, inevitably, it is destroying you.

Gather around the Debtor’s Ring, cast your coins, and read your fate. Change it if you want. Fight it if you want. You’ve already paid the ultimate price.

All That I Am